EXPLORE Summer Enrichment Camp

Couch Beach 629 Union StreetMarshfield, MA 02050Email: info@explorepediatrictherapy.netWebsite: Visit Website

Many children who have a diagnosis can not attend "regular summer camp" because it is a free for all and has very little structure - making it challenging for some. Plus, the high school & college aged staff members tend to lack experience and training to support children with unique needs. We want to bring the Summer Camp experience to all children, including the ones we serve! But the kicker is that camp is going to be run by trained pediatric OT's and specialists who are prepared for a meltdown or a child becoming overstimulated. This way, parents can feel comfortable knowing their child is in good hands for the day. 

Camp is 100% outdoors, helping connect kids to nature and each other through outdoor exploration. Games and activities are modified so that all children can participate. 

Enrichment camp is not a free for all. It is a camp with trained pediatric specialists who are well equipped for challenges & big feelings that may arise.  

Parents will receive a note and/or video debrief at the end of each camp day so that they are in the know of what their child did during camp.

Age Range: 5-10 years old

This is a half day camp.  Camp schedule:

Week 1: June 24-28. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA 

Week 2: July 8-12. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA 

Week 3: July 15-19. 9am-12pm, Couch Beach,  MARSHFIELD MA  

Week 4: July 22-26. 9am – 12pm, Couch Beach, MARSHFIELD MA 

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