About The Publisher: Kate Bray

Hello! My name is Kate Bray and I am thrilled to be joining Macaroni Kid as the new publisher for the South Shore Boston area. My husband and I moved here from Maryland in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the area. I live with my husband Kyle, our son Hank (4), our daughter Lily (3) and our loveable English Bulldog Mack (1). 

I love being a mom and feel there is nothing better than providing my child with a new and unique experience. Whether it be a new park, a new experiment or craft, or a new trail to hike - there is simply no better joy than seeing that initial awe and excitement in a child. The South Shore has so much to offer us from beautiful trails, parks and beaches, as well as amazing small businesses committed to the wellness and growth of our youth.  I will be sharing local events, activities, craft ideas, recipes, small business features and so much more to help keep you and your family “in the know” of all the wonderful things happening on the South Shore!

Please feel free and comfortable to reach out anytime with comments, suggestions, feedback and more! My email is mackidsouthshoreboston@macaronikid.com.