EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy

Duxbury, MA 02050
Phone: 732-778-1641Email: info@explorepediatrictherapy.netWebsite: Visit Website

Occupational therapy group and private services for children ages 3-10 years old. We run play groups in a nature-based setting. Our occupational therapy takes place in a "green space" or a "blue space" instead of in a "clinic space." 

Our "Why" - Children still need a childhood full of dirt, puddles, sticks, and mud.  Childhood is meant to be a messy adventure, with hours spent outdoors. This generation of children spends the least amount of time outdoors, and the negative impacts are astounding.  From increasing motor + speech delays to social-emotional difficulties to attention-deficit disorders, time outdoors is scientifically proven to help combat all of this and more.

What will your child gain from our services? Self-Confidence, Decreased Anxiety, Strengthen Social Interactions & Friendship building skills, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Visual Motor Integration, Nature Connectedness, Sensory Integration, Focus & attention skills. 

Some commonly served diagnoses include Anxiety, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, poor coordination, developmental delay & neurological deficits

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