Let Rock Paper Scissors do the work for you!

RPS takes the time and guessing out of easter basket shopping!

By Kim Panton/Christina Skeldon February 29, 2024

Did you know that Easter is in March this year?! March crept up so fast and I feel very unprepared! Rock Paper Scissors Toy Store is bringing back their sought after custom Easter Baskets again this year and they’re ready with a store full of adorable Easter goodies. Their baskets are personalized, age appropriate and absolutely adorable. The RPS incredible staff hand picks each toy based on specific instructions provided by you. They also throw in a chocolate bunny and other sweets to add to the bundle. Then they wrap it all up in a cellophane bag and bow, all you have to do is grab and go when you get the notice your basket is ready. It's things like this that make momming so much easier!

Their $50 baskets will have a great selection of goodies sure to impress, and come in a reusable Easter themed plastic beach bucket.  Each basket will be different depending on the age and gender of the child. The baskets will include a chocolate bunny and various candies, in addition to toys and other surprises. The $75 baskets will come in a woven straw basket and include a larger selection of toys and candies!

All baskets can be ordered online through their website. Be sure to look out for their note section during checkout, so you can give them the important information they need in order to make the basket just right! If you do not want candy in the basket due to food allergies, please note this in the note section as well.

The photo is for display and every basket will be different! If you have any questions feel free to call the store at 781.452.7376. Happy Easter and a huge thank you to RPS for making our lives so much easier!!!!