SELA marks 20 Years of Academic Excellence and Philanthropy

By taken from SELA press release February 16, 2024

SELA: The International Private School, a pioneer in immersion education in Massachusetts, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Sunday, February 4th, at the Granite Links ballroom in Quincy. Founded in 2004 by Sandra Baldeon, SELA has been dedicated to preparing English-speaking children for success in a global society through linguistic, academic, and social excellence.

SELA’s founder, Sandra Baldeon, faculty, staff, alumni, and State Senator Patrick O’Connor gathered with over 250 attendees in the celebration. “20 years ago, I had a vision to bring bilingual, full immersion education to young minds. Something that was lacking in our community but worth the commitment, effort, and patience,” shared Sandra Baldeon as she addressed the crowd. The night of celebration was the culmination of two decades of academic achievement and community support.

The event featured award ceremonies, honorary speeches, a captivating video tribute highlighting SELA's history, a champagne toast, a silent auction organized by SELA’s Parent Association, and heartfelt alumni speeches. “While life has sent my classmates and I in many different directions, private school, study abroad, service trips, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say our lives would be much different had we not attended SELA and I know we are all very appreciative of SELA for giving us extensive amounts of opportunity over the course of many years” shared Elise, a member of SELA’s first graduating fifth grade class. However, beyond the festivities, the occasion served a higher purpose.