The Importance of Joining New Mom and Baby Groups

By Over the Moon Parenting November 30, 2023

Becoming a mother is a life-altering experience that brings joy, love and a multitude of new challenges. During this transformative period, new mothers often find solace, guidance, and understanding by connecting with other moms who are going through similar experiences. Joining new mom and baby groups can be a valuable resource for fostering a s sense of community and support during this crucial time.

Benefits of New Mom and Baby Groups:

• Build a support network

• Share Experiences and advice

• Combat Isolation

• Promote Emotional well-being

• Foster Lifelong Friendships

Joining new mom and baby groups is not just about sharing baby tips: it’s about creating a supportive community that understand the challenges and joys of motherhood. These groups play a crucial role in helping new mothers navigate the complexities of parenting, promoting mental and emotional well-being, and fostering lasting friendships. The benefits extend beyond the immediate postpartum period, contributing to a stronger, more connected community of mothers and families.

Here at Over The Moon Parenting our new mom and baby groups are warm, supportive communities that help you bond with your baby and build lasting friendships. A Registered Nurse and Mom leads this weekly group. Each week features a specific infant development and care topic, along with songs, infant massage, playtime, and a story. Class also on focuses on nurturing moms because your well-being is important, too! Join in our new mothers groups as soon as you feel ready after you baby arrives!

Over The Moon Group (Mom with baby, 1 week - 3 months)

Baby & Me Group (Mom with baby, 3 months- 5 months)

Second Time Mom & Baby Group (Mom with baby, 1 week- 6 months)

Other New Mom & Baby offerings:

*Mom & Baby yoga

*Free breast-feeding drop-in group