Meet a Mom: Jenn Maturo of Barre By Jenn

The mom you want to meet at the barre.

By Christina Skeldon February 8, 2022

Every week, Macaroni Kid South Shore will introduce you to an amazing, local mom. Nothing makes me happier than supporting incredible women and I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to some of the South Shore's finest!

This week, Jenn Maturo. We all know her, we all love her (if you don't, get familiar) as Barre By Jenn, the barre instructor turned studio owner with a strong following and a keep-it-real personality. Pulse Studio opened up at Derby Street this past November and it has so fun to be able to watch Jenn grow! This mom of 3 somehow manages to do it all and always makes it look good... and fun. Read below to learn more about Jenn, her favorite places on the South Shore and how she balances it all...most of the time. 

How many kids do you have and how old are they? 

3 boys: Maddux, 9 Asher, 7 Zayde, 4

What town do you live in and what is your favorite thing about the South Shore? 

Norwell. The people and the community I have built!  Between our hockey family and the tribe i have through pulse I think the South Shore has the most amazing crew!!

What do you like to do for fun with your kid/s on the South Shore? Without your kid/s? 

We love our Scituate beach pass in the summer- pond hockey in the winter and bowling all year long.  Plus if you know the Maturo fam you know that we are obsessed with hot pot- you can find us at Royal Hot Pot in Quincy at least once a week.

You’ve created quite the following and just opened your very own studio at derby street— can you tell me more about the story behind “barre by jenn” and now your studio, pulse? 

I never thought I would own my own studio and certainly not at this point- mother of 3 boys, 1 still not full school age yet however here we are!!! I took a leap when all the studios I was working at had to close their doors- being an independent contractor as a fitness instructor I was literally left without a job indefinitely.  So I took the chance- on myself- on my skills as an instructor and on my clients that they wanted to move together- that they ached for that sense of community group fitness provides and I launched bbj virtual studio.  Started in my basement no booking system- not fully understanding zoom- no mic but we did it, and it grew.  When Derby approached me with the pop up studio idea I decided to jump.  I think I made the right choice.

Has the south Shore had any influence on your work? 

I am nothing- pulse studio is nothing- without our community of clients.  Its a different feeling at pulse- people talk to each other get to know one another- I know everyone’s name that walks in the door- they know about my kids my life and same with the rest of the pulse team.  We strive to be a tribe and I am honored that so many trust us in that.  

How do you balance work and life? Or do you?! ;)  

Depends what day you ask! You ask me right now when I have all 3 at home with COVID and I am attempting to get payroll out with one kid on my lap and the other 2 chasing each other because the other punched him in the shoulder then id rate myself a 2/10 ;) I take solace in the fact that my staff and my clients are mostly moms too so they get it! If I get the February newsletter out Feb 5, great!, they don't care and for that I am grateful!!

Favorite places on the South Shore to:
Eat: ok this is going to be hard because I love to eat!! Ok so Royal with the kids for sure.  Locales for a fun boozy lunch with my girls and Salt society for date night.  
Drink: you know what I am giving this to the new hot spot, my neighbor Nomai -- the food is top notch for sure but that drink list 100%
Play: the kids love Starland- and Boston bowl for sure!!

Thank you, Jenn!