Shop Local This Holiday Season With Rock Paper Scissors in Duxbury

One stop shopping for the kids!

By Christina Skeldon November 22, 2022

Put your phone down! There is literally no reason for you to be doing your shopping online from those big box stores when we have an amazing, local, mom-owned store right here on the South Shore. Rock Paper Scissors Toy Store in Duxbury is the only place you need to shop this holiday season. 

Have you ever heard of the saying "when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance"? Well this is the case at RPS. The owner Kim is so kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable. You will typically find her in the store with a smile on her face being so attentive to each and every customer that walks in. She is especially kind and patient with the little ones who move and shift things around because they can't help touching everything (I'm looking at you, James). 

Here are my top reasons why you should be shopping at Rock Paper Scissors this holiday season:

1. I did not know what I wanted to get Chase this year for Christmas because to be honest, the kid has more than he needs. It wasn't until I walked into RPS, that I found so many cool, fun ideas for him. The best part is, none of it is junk. The store is filled with thoughtful and meaningful toys and I am so excited to gift him some great things that I found. 

2. Free gift wrapping!!!! Are you like me, wrapping on Christmas Eve, fingers bleeding from multiple paper cuts wishing a magical elf would appear and do it all for you? Problem taken care of. The amazing staff will wrap everything for you and in awesome paper!

3. THE PRICES ARE THE SAME! I feel like small shops get a bad rep that they are priced higher. False. In fact, when I was in RPS last, I grabbed some things off the shelves and checked the prices of the exact same item on Amazon. They were priced the same IF NOT LESS than Amazon or Target. 

4. If you can't escape the kids for shopping, order online and do curbside pick up. You can grab your items and pop them in the trunk without anyone even noticing! This feature is especially great for those last minute birthday party presents as well. 

5. The thing about the happy dance... it's true. Kim puts her heart and soul into this store so why not show her some love and support and shop small this holiday season. 

Thanks for listening to my PSA about shopping small at Rock Paper Scissors this holiday season. I can assure you, this isn't the last you'll hear from me about supporting our local businesses 😉