Halloween Tips & Tricks from Your Local Pediatric Dentist

With a special appearance from Anna and Olaf!

By Dr. Kristine Grazioso, South Shore Children's Dentistry October 25, 2021

When you’re a pediatric dentist and a mom, conversations this time of year kind of go like this…

Unsuspecting Mom:  ‘So what do you do?’

Me:  ‘I’m a pediatric dentist!’

UM: ‘Ooohhhhh (pause)…so I guess you just hate this time of year, huh? With Halloween and all of that candy?’

Although this may seem hard to believe, Halloween is actually one of my favorite times of year!  It brings back a lot of great memories – Trick-Or-Treating, being with friends, and, of course, all of that candy.  You may be surprised to read that, but the reality is that it’s what you do in the days and weeks following Halloween that make a difference, not just one crazy night of candy.

I thought it might be helpful to share with you some recommendations from a mom who happens to be a pediatric dentist.  Here are some things to chew on:

  1. Choosing chocolate treats over sticky, gummy candy is usually your best bet.  Chocolate will melt away, while the sticky candies leave a coating on the teeth.  This sugary coating tends to be difficult to remove completely, even with good brushing.  
  2. Try and eat treats as a dessert – rather than in between meals.  The bacteria that causes cavities can only use so much sugar at one time (even bacteria get full ☺).  I like to recommend that kids eat their candy at one sitting rather than eating small amounts over the course of time.
  3. Come and visit your dentist!  We recommend making sure your children visit their dentist at least every 6 months.  In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), and the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that your child visit the dentist for the first time by his/her first birthday.  
  4. Watch our 2021 Halloween Video that we shared with pre-schools all across the South Shore!  This video, created specifically for children, talks about the best ways to have a happy and healthy Halloween….and stars none other than Disney’s Anna and Olaf (played by our team members of course☺)!

I hope these little tips help!  I believe that balance is key to all that we do – and Halloween fun is no exception.    

Wishing you and your little ghosts and goblins a safe and healthy Halloween!

Dr. Kristine Grazioso (a.k.a. Dr. G)

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