An Inside Look: Cohasset Learning Studio

Learning and reading should bring children joy. CLS delivers.

By Christina Skeldon & Abigail Sullivan October 5, 2021

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed that my son, Chase, has been attending the Kickstart to Kindergarten class at Cohasset Learning Studio weekly. He has had such a great first month and I have been so impressed with the studio, staff and the impression the lessons leave on him. For the first time ever, he was telling me about the things that he learned on the drive home and is still bringing them up days later. This is the longest anything has ever stuck with him. He keeps telling me about the lip-popping sounds P and B! I’m so excited (and quite frankly, a little relieved) that his studio teacher has ignited his curiosity about learning and literacy! If you want a closer look at how impactful these classes are, email Abigail to try a sample lesson for free and read below for an inside look into a class at Cohasset Learning Studio. 

Hello again, Macaroni Kid friends! Fall enrichment lessons at Cohasset Learning Studio are off to a great start. You are welcome to join the semester at any time and the cost will be prorated. Let’s take a look at a sample lesson from one of our programs, Kickstart to Kindergarten.

Arrival and Warm Up

Most students come skipping through the door eager to find their name tag on the table. There is always a fine motor activity waiting for them as a warm-up.

Circle Time

Next the children gather on the story rug for sharing time and phonological awareness training. We use the Heggerty program for phonological awareness lessons. This is one element that makes our studio classes unique compared to other preschool programs. We are reading teachers and we know what students will need to be successful as kindergarteners and first-graders. It is critical that we develop their sound awareness now, well before it is time to learn to read. We do this through very playful yet deliberate activities. We clap syllables, use our fingertips to count the sounds in words, and pay attention to the shape of our mouths when we make sounds.

Letter Lesson

Then we gather students around an alphabet mat to signal that it is letter learning time. We use the Lively Letters and Handwriting Without Tears programs to teach kids about the letter sounds and shapes. You might hear your child talk about lip poppers, tongue tappers, or nose sounds as your child learns to be aware of what their mouth does when making a sound. The little stories and songs that go with the letters help them link that sound to the letter shape. Likewise you might hear your child talking about big lines, little lines, big curves, and little curves. We use those words to talk about the different shapes that are used when forming letters.

Learning Stations

Now comes the part of the lesson that students are eager for every week: learning stations! Every week there's a surprise waiting for them in the sensory bin: rainbow rice, beans, pretend acorns, mini pumpkins, or little figurines. The sensory bin gives children a much-needed break from sitting and listening. This is a time for them to use their hands to manipulate tools, pluck out hidden treasures, or just have fun. Likewise it's also a time for them to develop their oral language. They will ask their friends to share tools as well as engage in imaginary play.

While some children are busy at the sensory bin the teacher can work with other kids more closely. Working with one or two children at a time allows the teacher to target their specific learning needs. Some children are still learning to recognize the letters of their name. Other children are ready for matching upper and lowercase letters. Still others are getting ready to sound out words. Teachers at the studio are trained in being able to quickly identify what a child's particular needs are and deliver them the instruction that is best.

Read Aloud

A studio lesson ends with a read-aloud. This is another favorite part of the lesson for the children. They gather around the teacher eager to see the pictures and hear the words. During our read-alouds we model how readers start at the cover, move from left to right on the page, pause to enjoy the illustrations, and think deeply about the story being read.

The studio is a safe, delightful, and motivating place to learn. This will quickly become your child's favorite day of the week. Come join us!

Parents are invited to book lessons directly through the website or email Abigail for help selecting the best class for their child. You are welcome to try a lesson for free before signing up.