Meet a Mom: Laura from My South Shore Style

Meet Laura, the epitome of South Shore style!

By Christina Skeldon September 28, 2021

Every week, Macaroni Kid South Shore will introduce you to an amazing, local mom. Nothing makes me happier than supporting incredible women and I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to some of the South Shore's finest!

This week, we flip the script on Laura aka My South Shore Style. Laura's "Feature Friday" was the inspiration behind Macaroni Kid's "Meet A Mom" so it was only right that we have the chance to highlight her like she has highlighted so many amazing, local businesses. Not only has she introduced us to so many awesome, local people, she shares so many great fashion and home finds and is always keeping it real on the motherhood front. Go check her out on instagram so you can see exactly what I mean @mysouthshorestyle 

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

2 kids- Tyler  (12) and Caroline (5) and our Italian Greyhound, Pearl (2)

What town do you live in and what is your favorite thing about the South Shore?

Scituate, hard to pick only one thing I love most, but of course the proximity to such gorgeous beaches year-round!

What do you like to do for fun with your kids? Without your kids?

It's been tough (especially last year) to get out and do things with our kids due to the pandemic. We love going to beaches of course, and my son is big into movies so we love family movie nights every weekend. Without kids, I love going out to eat at the many amazing restaurants we have around here! You will often find me with a cosmo in hand and a pile of pasta!

Tell me about My South Shore Style and how it came about.

I actually started this account back in 2020, when we decided each weekend we would go around and explore south shore towns, getting a better feel for neighborhoods and places to visit that were safe, and decided I would mix that with my love of fashion and home decor. The "feature friday" piece where I showcase local businesses, came from the same idea- wanting to get to know the best of the south shore! And now I share that with my followers. I'm still figuring it out as I go, what my audience likes and dislikes, while staying true to myself. It's definitely a highlight reel- and I do my best to share the chaos of life as well along the way.

It’s clear that the South Shore has had an influence on your work but can you tell us how? 

I definitely think that the South Shore has its own style. Simple, put-together and classic trends mixed with the influence of coastal living. I just love it all!

How do you balance work and life? Or do you?! ;) 

I most certainly do NOT balance them, but I try my best to see the good in each aspect, which is also so hard. The days are long but the years are short, is something my Grandma always said to my Mom and now she says to me.

Favorite places on the South Shore to:
Eat: East Bay Grille, Orta Trattoria, Burtons Grill
Drink: Legal at Derby Street has a fantastic bar!
Play: Derby Street and  Duxbury Beach (drive on fun!)

Thank you, Laura!