Learning the FUNdamentals of music should be, well…fun!

By Elaine Sorrentino, South Shore Conservatory September 21, 2021

One of the many social-emotional challenges kids faced during the pandemic was the separation from their friends, classmates and teammates. Now that schools are fully back in person, kids have the opportunity to start healing from the effects of that isolating period by connecting with their peers in person. Most kids’ activities take place in a group setting, and music lessons are no exception. Though there are advantages to taking private music lessons, group lessons can be more beneficial for younger musicians who need to learn the fundamentals of playing an instrument or singing, but may not yet have the focus or discipline for private study. Group music classes foster social connection, camaraderie, and fun. Who doesn’t want to play fun music games alongside other kids?

Group classes are a reasonable, age-appropriate way for kids to build a musical foundation and discover if a certain instrument or voice is right for them.  Group FUNdamental classes at South Shore Conservatory cost approximately $20 per class and typically run for 16 weeks.

The Conservatory offers FUNdamentals classes in piano, voice and percussion for children ages six and up. The group dynamic helps kids stay engaged, feel supported by their peers, and meet new friends.  

Suzuki violin instruction is another fun and proven way to introduce young children to music.  Even though lessons are one-to-one with a parent present, Suzuki instruction has a fun group class component.  

Class Descriptions:

Singing FUNdamentals, Primo

Ages 7-9

Voice classes at SSC are a wonderful opportunity to develop singing skills in a fun, supportive group setting! This class features age-appropriate techniques for healthy singing, body awareness and expressive movement, a variety of musical genres, ear-training, peer connection and . . . the joy of singing! Each semester culminates in a combined celebratory end-of-semester concert!

Piano FUNdamentals

Ages 6-7

A 45-minute group class that introduces basic music concepts and skills at the piano.
Skills learned in this class become the foundation for private instruction in piano.

Rhythm FUNdamentals

Ages 6-8

Rhythm FUNdamentals is a 45-minute group class that introduces basic musical and rhythmic concepts and skills through learning to play a variety of percussion instruments.

Classes start soon!  South Shore Conservatory is located at One Conservatory Drive in Hingham, and 64 St. George Street in Duxbury. Learn more at