Developing Early Literacy Skills in Your Preschooler

Early Childhood Enrichment at Cohasset Learning Studio

By Abigail Sullivan, Cohasset Learning Studio September 7, 2021

This is not another article to tell you all the ways that children will suffer academically because of the pandemic. No! This is an article to tell you that your child will be *just fine*. And if they aren’t, we are here to help you with that, too

Who we are:

Cohasset Learning Studio is a learning center in Cohasset village. We are a team of licensed and experienced educators. Our business has two arms: we offer early childhood enrichment classes for preschool aged children and offer private tutoring to struggling students in grades K-8.

How YOU can help your child:

There is a lot of click-bait about raising children online and it can feel overwhelming for parents. Yet young children only need three things from their parents, in terms of early learning: conversation, reading, and ample time to play. If your child has a healthy dose of those three things in early childhood, their teachers can take care of the rest.

You do not need to drill them on the ABCs. You do not need to force them to hold a pencil correctly when they are 3. You do not need to buy them a fancy app to teach them early literacy skills. Just talk, read, and give them space to play.

How Cohasset Learning Studio can help your child:

If you are interested in promoting your child’s early learning skills then I advise you to do so gently. Learning to read is a very complicated process that most children are not ready for until the end of kindergarten or in early first grade. Yet, there are some important learning experiences that teachers should nurture in early childhood.

At the studio, our early childhood lessons deliberately nurture the development of the following skills: oral language, phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle, letter knowledge, and fine motor skills.

How is a class at the studio different from my child’s preschool classroom?
Most preschools in the area are play-based and focus on socialization, early learning concepts and themes, and practice common routines found in school. This is very important for your child.

Yet, it is also important that your child have specific experiences to develop their pre-reading skills. Groups at the studio are led by a reading specialist who knows the continuum of skills related to literacy. In order to be successful in kindergarten children need to develop specific skills related to print and sound in early childhood. Also, our classes only have up to six children. This allows us to know their literacy skills on a deeper level.

We look forward to supporting your child’s learning journey! Sign up for the fall semester here.