My Gym South Shore: Enrolling Now for Ages 4 Months to 8 Years

Member Benefits Have Never Been Better!

By Michelle Roy September 7, 2021

My Gym was born out of our passion to teach children in a fun, physically engaging environment. We knew from the start that, through fun and captivating activities, we could accomplish great things. Our goal: To create an environment where children feel loved and supported so their self-esteem and confidence can flourish. My Gym South Shore has been a part of the community for over 13 years and strives daily to make a lasting impression!

Locations. My Gym South Shore has two convenient locations:

Norwell: Rt.53/Washington Street. Learn more about Norwell classes and gym schedule here!

Cohasset: Rt.3A/Chief Justice Cushing Highway (Starbucks Plaza). Learn more about Cohasset classes and gym schedule here!

Member Benefits: Enrolled students enjoy one class each week (see our class descriptions below), plus they can come to extra classes and Practice & Plays! Access to these benefits has never been easier- parents control scheduling of weekly extras with their online account! Practice & Play (open gym) and extra class rules for each gym are found here: Norwell or Cohasset

Trial Enrollments: Both gyms now offer 2 weeks for $29 Trial Enrollments which include ALL member benefits above. Select an age appropriate class from the list below and follow the links to book!

From First Steps to Headstands: A Closer Look at our Classes!

Waddlers classes (for 4 months to 18 months):

This program is so much fun for both adult and child, as we work on beginning stretches and exercises, songs and dances, and balance and agility skills. Your little ones will have a blast discovering their natural abilities while our curriculum enhances their physical and cognitive growth.

Throughout this program, we gently introduce new and stimulating activities to promote your babies’ natural development. You’ll see your infants become stronger with increased hand, arm, and trunk control, which leads to some of their biggest milestones, like crawling and, eventually, walking. We take great care to nurture each adult/child unit according to their specific needs.

For more information, to enroll, or schedule a trial, select the gym location closest to you… Norwell or Cohasset

Gymsters classes (for 18 months to 2.5 years):

Your child will sing, dance, swing, play games, watch puppet shows, and even have “Surprise Time!” Our Gymsters feel great about themselves as they learn basic tumbling in a fun and positive setting.

At this age, toddlers’ abilities are evolving on a weekly basis, and our curriculum keeps these active little ones engaged and captivated! Running, jumping, and spatial awareness are milestones in this program. Of course, opportunities abound to teach lessons on peer play and taking turns. Above all else, we make sure your child’s self-esteem will soar at My Gym!

For more information, to enroll, or schedule a trial, select the gym location closest to you… Norwell or Cohasset

Terrific Tots classes (for 2.5 years to 3.5 years):

In addition to having a blast with structured activities and games, your child will gain skills needed as involvement in team sports gets closer. Our curriculum will improve your child’s fine and gross motor proficiency while increasing strength and agility.

Our caring teachers will build up your little one’s confidence and self-esteem with gentle encouragement to complete activities a bit more independently. This helps our Tots develop social skills, learn to follow directions, and cooperate in a group of their peers.

For more information, to enroll, or schedule a trial, select the gym location closest to you… Norwell or Cohasset

Mighty Mites classes (for 3.5 years to 5.11 years):

Mighty Mites are transitioning from toddlers to big kids! The children participate independently with their teachers on the gym floor while parents can watch from the lobby or drop off their children. This is a huge milestone we don’t take lightly, as confidence and self-reliance are cornerstones of this curriculum!

In this program, you’ll see your child’s strength, flexibility, and agility increase as our teachers coach the kids through relays, basic gymnastics, and sports skills. Positive reinforcement abounds – and we promise your child will leave class with feelings of pride, accomplishment, and success!

For more information, to enroll, or schedule a trial, select the gym location closest to you… Norwell or Cohasset

Ninja Training classes (for 5 years to 7.11 years):

My Gym Ninja Training classes are designed to be fun and challenging while remaining safe and noncompetitive. Kids are challenged mentally and physically, while developing a mindset of overcoming adversity, both inside and outside of the gym!

You'll see your child’s strength, stamina, and agility grow through relays, conditioning exercises, and, of course, obstacle courses that change every week. High energy games and team-building activities teach cooperation, patience and problem solving.  Most importantly, our curriculum is designed to ensure all children succeed!

For more information, to enroll, or schedule a trial, select the gym location closest to you… Norwell or Cohasset

Mixed Ages classes (for 11 months to 4.5 years):

This class offers a perfect setting for children of different ages to learn and play at the same time. It is an ideal option for adults with a younger and older child and want the convenience and safety of bringing both children to the same class. Adults with one child may also participate. If you have one child, perhaps this time is most convenient, or you want your child to socialize with children of different ages.

Our teachers design this class so that all children will benefit. For adults with more than one child, you are encouraged to let your older child follow the teacher's directions while you guide your younger child through the fun class activities.

For more information, to enroll, or schedule a trial, select the gym location closest to you… Norwell or Cohasset

And There’s More… One-of-a-Kind Birthday Parties and Fun Days!
 At My Gym, every birthday party is a perfectly planned celebration created especially for the birthday child with unique song and game requests made prior to the occasion. Our talented party specialists will design an unforgettable birthday bash your whole family will treasure. And all our parties feature nonstop action-packed activities, games, puppets, songs, and more! Perfect for kids turning 1 to 7 Years! Limited party times are currently available in Norwell

Also, don’t forget to check our website ahead of school break periods, for our 3-Hour Fun Days drop-off program that combines gym activities with art fun! Perfect for kids 3.5 to 7 years old!

If you have any questions about our classes or offerings, please contact us!

Norwell: , (781) 659-2611 ,

Cohasset: , (781) 383-8800 ,