Filling My Own Cup This Holiday Season

By Natalie Condon, MT-BC December 14, 2020

I made a list of things that I can do safely this holiday season. Things that “fill my cup”, bring me nostalgia, and that Christmastime feeling. I am doing things I haven't done since I was a kid and they bring me so much joy that I wanted to share the list with you. I hope it inspires you to find some safe, fun, memory-making holiday joy this season.

  • Drink hot cocoa at least once a week
  • Decorate your home from top to bottom
  • Make homemade Christmas cookies and decorate them
  • Made a handmade wreath
  • Make a handmade ornament
  • Work on a large puzzle
  • Adventure to find Christmas lights OFTEN
  • Watch the Hallmark Channel and/or Christmas movies 3x a week
  • Listen to Christmas music and sing loudly for all to hear
  • Dress like I have an audition to be Santa’s Elf
  • Make a gingerbread house, or two!
  • Complete an advent calendar
  • Write letters to your dearest friends, not only to wish them a Merry Christmas, but to tell them how strong, inspiring, and amazing they are!
  • Wrap gifts like they’re on display in a Macy's window, and put Marth Stewart to shame!
  • Do your best to spread love, joy, and patience everywhere I go!

Natalie Condon is a Music Therapist at Sing Explore Create LLC in Rockland, MA. She loves creating joy, spreading love, and strives to be a lifelong learner. Follow  Natalie on Instagram @nataliecondonmtbcSing Explore Create is a center for music therapy, education, and wellness.  They provide meaningful music experiences to improve the well-being and lives of people of all ages from across the South Shore in their Rockland studio and in the community. Learn more at or contact Natalie at