It's About More Than Painting Pottery

By Laurie Corbett, Publisher, Macaroni Kid South Shore Boston September 24, 2020

For our family the pandemic has given up the chance to slow down, time to eat dinner together every night, take walks, ride bikes, and spend lots of quality time together. School and the kids' activities might look different than they have in the past, and our pace might still be a little slower but while we are still together a lot of other things are taking up our time that haven't in the past six months. So, when our friends at South Shore Pottery Shop invited us to come create with them I jumped at the chance. 

While I love the fun things we create at South Shore Pottery Shop our time there is just as precious, if not more so, than the items we create. It gives us an hour or more to sit together without schoolwork, or emails, or TV, or any of the other distractions and be together. Sometimes the conversation isn't any deeper than which project to choose, paints they want to apply and technics they ask the staff to teach them, but we are giving each other our attention. We listening to each other. We talk to each other. During this visit, they decided to make friends for their remote learning desks. How sweet is that?

And of course, I love creating new things to display, use, remember little hands with handprints, creative gifts, and the product that comes out of spending an hour or two at South Shore Pottery Shop, but I love the process and the time spent just being together just as much. It's one of the few activities that we enjoy while we are doing it and then for years to come as we use our finished pieces. 

Plus, now is the time to start thinking about the holidays! Two years ago we created a beautiful platter for a friend, and I have been dying to make one for myself. We also finally made the set of mugs I mentioned in the platter article at home using their curbside services. Check out the South Shore Pottery Shop website for lots of fun, creative holiday workshops coming up - my favorite are the ones with handprints - or drop by during walk-in hours to create something uniquely you!  

South Shore Pottery Shop is located at 1209 Bedford Street in Abington, MA. In addition to in-studio painting, they also offer curbside pick up. Find them on the web at, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram too. 

Note - The author and her family painted for free on the day of their visit to facilitate writing this article. No additional compensation was received and all the thoughts and opinions are that of the author. 

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