Teacher Appreciation Week From a Distance

May 3, 2020

While school looks a little different these days teachers are working harder than ever to teach and support their students. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4th - 8th and while there won't be any in-school celebrations this year we can still let them know how much we appreciate them. Need some simple ideas? We've got them! 

👩‍🏫 Monday - May 4th 👩‍🏫

Draw a photo of your teacher, snap a photo or scan it, and send it to your teacher. 

📝 Tuesday - May 5th 📝

Write a poem about your teacher. Include the things you like about them or the things they like. For example, my oldest is always talking about her teacher's love of coffee! For younger kids try an acrostic poem with the teacher's name like this for Mrs. Smith ...




Teaches us


🎵 Wednesday - May 6th 🎵

Pick out a song that reminds you of them. Send them the lyrics, a link to it online, or record yourself singing it and send it to them. Looking for extra credit? Write a song about your teacher! 

❤️ Thursday - May 7th ❤️

Share 3 reasons while you are thankful for your teacher. Maybe they encouraged you when you needed it most, maybe the always smiled when you entered the room, or maybe they introduced you to something you had never learned before. Big or small let your teacher know that you appreciate what they do for you. Send your reasons in a list, drawing, song, or whatever style suits you the best! 

💐 Friday - May 8th ☕

Send them a virtual gift card to a coffee shop, sandwich spot, flower store or other local business to let them know you are thinking of them.