Get Outside and Stay Healthy!

By Samantha Woods, Executive Director, NSRWA March 19, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 recommendations, we are all trying to figure out how to support each other while staying healthy and sane. Here’s what the NSRWA is doing in response to this unprecedented health concern:

  • Our offices at 214 South Street Norwell will be closed to public visitors until further notice, but please contact us  at
  • We will have FREE Explore South Shore Recreation Guide Maps available outside on our office steps. This outdoor recreational guide has more than 90 places for you to get outside and Explore the South Shore. Make a game of trying to visit each one.
  • Visit our content for even more outdoor places to visit
  • Our staff will be posting more online educational content to connect you and students to the outdoors – watch for it on Instagram and Facebook
  • Volunteer for Herring Counts starting March 25th and Horseshoe Crab Surveys (Coming soon.) Both are outdoor activities that can be done solo or with a family member. Trainings will be done online or will allow for social distancing recommendations.
  • We encourage everyone to join our 50 Places to Explore contest on Instagram.
  • Enter to win a chartered pontoon tour of the North River when you join or renew your membership today! Drawing held on Earth Day April 22, 2020.

Most of all we want to say thank you for all of your support in helping to protect our waters. Together we will get through this by staying healthy, supporting each other in maintaining social distance recommendations and the silver lining is that we might be able to get outside and explore the nature that surrounds us!

Be kind to each other and please continue to support local businesses and charities as best you can in these challenging times.

Social Distancing: Tips for Local Nature Walks

It’s time to get outdoors! As we collectively navigate the coronavirus pandemic and the need for Social Distancing, experts are recommending fresh air and exercise as ways to reduce stress and promote good health. We are so fortunate, here on the South Shore, that there are hundreds of trails and conservation areas open to the general public. A broad assortment of beautiful landscapes and captivating terrains provides plenty of space to explore! Learn more HERE.