World's End and Weir River Farm Summer Camps

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By The Trustees February 26, 2020

At Weir River Farm Camp, campers roll up their sleeves and head to the barnyard to care for the animals—tossing hay to the sheep, filling water for the goats, collecting eggs from the hens, and mucking horse stalls. They learn gardening skills in the Children’s Garden, harvesting tomatoes, kale, and other delicious vegetables. And, in the surrounding fields and woodlands, they romp along with new friends in search of hawks, salamanders, and forest fairies. Each day also includes creative games and engaging crafts designed to further instill the importance of nature and agriculture in our daily lives.

World’s End Camp gets campers outside exploring the 251-acre landscape that includes rocky shores, beaches, open fields, and enchanting woodlands. Through weekly themes, such as “water,” “shelter,” “food,” and “air,” children discover the plants and animals that call this place home, all while learning about the delicate balance that supports all living things. Along the way, campers make new friends as they sing camp songs, play games, and learn exciting new skills like compass navigation, plant identification, and animal tracking.

Both Hingham camps infuse learning opportunities with fun adventures in a safe, supportive environment. Your camper will love meeting our furry farm animals, finding hermit crabs along the shore, and playing hide and seek in the forests and sunflowers. 

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