Why We Are Loving Syncronized Swimming

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By Laurie Corbett, Publisher, Macaroni Kid South Shore Boston and Hannah Corbett, Jr Reporter and South Shore Kid December 12, 2019

As a mom, I have always been a firm believer in participating in athletics as kids to build healthy habits that carry on into adulthood. While my middle child has stuck with tae kwon do, soccer and swimming lessons for the past two years, the path to find something she loves has been a little different for my oldest. She's tried soccer, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics, softball, and tae kwon do but it was clear that she felt most comfortable in the water.

While she learned all of the strokes and was building her stamina on her swim team I started to notice that she was beginning to be distracted at practices, would spend long stretches underwater, and loved flip turn practice more than anything. Around the same time our wonderful sponsors the South Shore Sea Dragons, a synchronized swim team based in Norwell, reached out about sharing their fall open house. We decided to check out their program for ourselves and immediately she was hooked! It was just the right amount of uniqueness to pique her interest and challenge her, combined with her love of water, desire for a sense of belonging, and a healthy dose of physical fitness.

I love that she has found something she loves, and that challenges her. Plus, they have programs for kids who are just learning about synchronized swimming with their recreational team (mid-year sign up available), a FUNdamentals an 8-week program for five to seven-year-olds to build endurance while learning the fundamentals of synchronized swimming, both novice and intermediate competition teams, and adult program. I can't wait to see where her synchronized swimming journey takes her and I am so grateful to have a unique program like this in our community. 

She also wanted to share her love of synchronized swimming with you in the form of an acrostic poem ... 

So fun
No practice that isn’t fun
Cool tricks to learn
Happiest in the water
Really awesome
Outstanding strokes
Nobody left out
Including everyone
Zip down the pool
Eccentric bathing suits
Do some laps

Super fun
Will we do handstands?
Ice cream scoop looking swim caps
Mom watches me, sometimes
My flips are good
I love synchro
Night fun
Go to synchro on Wednesdays

The South Shore Sea Dragons Synchronized Swim Team is based out of Norwell, MA on Boston's South Shore. Learn more about their program at or email them at 

The South Shore Sea Dragons are a sponsor of Macaroni Kid South Shore Boston. All thoughts and opinions are that of the author.