Better Absorption and Thinner Diapers are Win-Win

By Laurie Corbett, Sponsored Advertising Content May 11, 2017

Without a doubt, I still have many difficult years of parenting ahead of me. There will be disagreements, disappointments, first loves, first heartbreaks and so much more to help my kids navigate through. But right now, right here in my parenting journey, there is nothing I dislike more about parenting than potty training and I am on the horizon of potty training with my youngestĀ but luckily we're not quite there yet. With a toddler on theĀ verge of being a preschooler, there are two things I look for in diapers - the ability to absorb largeĀ amounts, and a slim profile.

Enter Pamper Baby Dry and their new Extra Absorb Channels that until now only existed on their Swaddlers and Cruisers lines. I'll admit I was a store brand diaper mom until I had the chance to try the new and improvedĀ Pampers Baby Dry line I love the new channels! You can see them clearly when they are full and they make the diaper so much less bulky. Less bulk, both when dry and wet, is really important for an older toddler who has places to go and older siblings to keep up with and can't be slowed down by a bulky diaper. Plus, the thinner diaper has a better fit to my little guy's skin which helps keep him really dry even overnight so he isn't waking up because his skin is wet. A slimmer design whileĀ still maintaining greatĀ absorption is a win-win for me! Since Pampers is rolling the Extra Absorb Channels out from their largest sizes to their smallest through the end of the year so you might see both the older bulkier version on the shelves with the newer slimmer version especially if your child is in a smaller size diaper, but don't despair they are coming in all sizes by the end of 2017. I love that the new slimmer version still has the same, great 12-hour protection and I think you will too!Ā 

Check on the great new changes to the Pampers Baby Dry line at www.pampers.comĀ and don't forget to follow them on Facebook for updates!Ā