Parent(s) with a Purpose: Palestina Baronas and Jocelyn Albertson

By Laurie Corbett February 9, 2017

Every day parents across the South Shore work hard make our community a better place. This month's Parent(s) with a Purpose are no exception. Palestina and Jocelyn work hard every day to support natural parenting at their retail store where they provide education and support through workshop, one-on-one education and more, and annually at NICE: Natural Infant Child Expo. Here's their story ... 

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How do you make a difference on the South Shore? What do you want to accomplish?

We offer a unique resource for expecting and new parents to be able to learn skills that will strengthen their bond with their children. We offer non judgmental education and support. We want to empower parents and instill confidence in them.

What inspired/encouraged you to open Instinctive Parent? Is there one specific moment when you knew this was what you wanted to do?

When the both of us began our parenting journeys, specifically wearing our children and cloth diapering, there were zero local stores for us to be able to explore these areas of parenting. This style of product is very hands on- it's nearly impossible to see a cloth diapering system or a baby carrier on a website and know 100% it will work for you unless you can touch it, try it, feel it in real time. Our frustration at the lack of these resources led us to want to create this space for the South Shore.

How did your life before children influence the parent you are today? What part do your children play in your desire to make a difference?

For us it was the actual reality of being pregnant and knowing we were bringing another life in to our families that helped shape our parenting philosophies. For Palestina, she was lucky to have some attachment parent friends who lent her some wisdom that resonated with her. Jocelyn was discovering the locavore movement which led to her finding a parenting book by Dr. Sears and the values within the book spoke strongly to her as well. Having children now inspires us to parent them kindly and be mindful of the fact we are raising the next generation.

What lessons/values are you learning through this process? What lessons/values do you hope your kids are learning?

As business owners we are learning the hard act of balancing work and family. Time management has been huge for us to learn. We hope our children are observing how we are able to take something we love and turn that passion in to a career. That despite the hard work, it barely ever seems like we are working.

What can we do to support natural parenting on the South Shore?

We hope that Instinctive Parent is a welcoming space for parents seeking guidance in their early parenting months and years. We hope to simplify baby wearing and cloth diapering and make our educational resources more accessible to families on the South Shore. We have a passion for what we do and try to share that with anyone who walks in our doors.

Instinctive Parent is located at 75 Washington Street in Pembroke. Find them online at and on Facebook