String of Lights Fingerprint Art

By Katelyn Woodard, a South Shore Mom December 15, 2016
Looking for a last minute creative gift for someone special?  Here is simple and fun way to stamp a moment of time in your child’s life for someone on your list.  A keepsake you or your family members can treasure forever and use to spruce up your holiday decor!  There is a little prep work on your part for this project but the end result is worth it!


Tracing Paper
8x10 Canvas
Detail Paint Brush
Black Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Paint in a variety of colors 
Cleansing Hand Wipes


Choose a festive word that will act as the wire for your string of lights. (My children chose Merry and Snowy to reflective the winter/holiday season.

Open a word document on your computer and choose a scripted font so the letters connect like cursive handwriting.  Type your word in a font large enough to center on your canvas and print (print a mirror image).

Transfer your word onto tracing paper.

Using your tracing paper transfer your work carefully onto your canvas.

Paint the word black and let dry

Paint little squares or triangles along your word to act as the base of your fingerprint lights (you can do as few or as many as you like, the goal is for it to look like a string of Christmas lights).

Using one color at a time paint your child’s index finger with a moderate amount of paint and have them press their finger tip slightly above the black triangles or squares you painted previously.

Tip:  Have your child place the very tip of their finger on the canvas and then roll their finger down towards the light base.  Clean finger and switch colors.  Continue this process until all lights have been completed on your word string!

Let dry.