Host Your Own Backyard Competion

By Laurie Corbett, Publisher Mom, South Shore Boston March 12, 2020

The summer games are back this year (maybe?) and you can get ready for them by having your own in the backyard!  Backyard competitions don't need any special equipment but there are a few things that can help ... 

  • Stop watch
  • Jump Rope
  • Frisbee
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Soccer Ball
  • Basketball 
  • Hula Hoop
  • Bubbles

Timed Events

Grab a stop watch (or the stop watch function on your phone), and time kids sliding down the slide, swinging across the monkey bars, doing push ups or chin ups, short and long distance running and more. 

Monkey Bar Events

Money bars can be used for a variety of "sports". They work for timed races, relays, chin up contests, hang time. 

Relay Events

Relays can be done on money bars, slides, open yards, in the water and more! They are a fun way for kids to work together toward a common goal and promote teamwork and cooperation. 

Synchronized Sports

From swings to monkey bars or even slides kids can play together in a synchronized way which encourages physical activity and cooperation. Our favorites are synchronized swinging, synchronized ball races down a slide, and synchronized silly walking (crab, monkey, elephant, etc) across a yard. 

Jumping Events

Jumping just comes naturally to kids! Summer game events can include the high jump, long jump, jumping rope (typical, or placed on the ground to jump over), and more! Check out 4 fun jumping and leaping games HERE.

Bubble Events

Bubbles make a fun addition to any outdoor play session! Bubble events can include biggest and smallest bubble, most bubbles popped in a set amount of time, highest flying bubbles, etc. Kids have the best imaginations so let them help you create your bubble themed events and I bet you will be amazed. 

Throwing Events

Frisbees make great discus, and softballs/baseballs are perfect for shot put! Spread out in the yard and test out your track and field skills by measuring distance thrown. Compete against each other or try to beat your own personal best! 

Hula Hoop Events

Traditional hula hooping is a fun and easy addition to your summer games, but hula hoops can also be used as targets, to throw or kick balls into or through, as an obstacle course for running and relays and more! 

Ball Events

Relays, furthest kick, how many goals you can kick in a set amount of time, and more can easily be done on a field with a standard, or improvised, goal and a soccer or kickball. Dribbling, shooting, and other basketball skill related competitions are fun too!

Blacktop Events

If there is a blacktop or driveway nearby in addition to some of the ball events they make a great space for hopscotch and rope jumping competitions. 

The bottom line is it is the perfect time to get kids excited about physical activity and to get them outside and moving! Have fun, be creating and go! Looking for new ideas on getting your kids moving? Our wonderful sponsors at My Gym Cohasset and Norwell are offering a FUN video subscription! Check it out HERE.