South Shore Sledding Spots

Let the good times roll!

By Christina Skeldon February 25, 2016
If you check the forecast, the snow is coming! And while this may not be the most exciting news for some, there is no better outdoor activity than sledding! We’ve gathered a list of the best sledding spots in and around the South Shore. Be sure to pack the hats, gloves, scarves and sleds!!! And don't forget the best part of sledding, the hot chocolate at the end to warm up ❄️

Strawberry Valley Golf Course, 164 Washington St.
There's a small hill for the little kids when you first walk in to the left but if you have older kids you can walk straight ahead and then go to the right for the big hill!

North Hill Country Club, 29 Merry Ave
This is a popular spot for sledders so prepare to have company but hills of all sizes are available including bigger ones for the older kids!

South Shore Country Club, 274 South St.
Park at the Country Club for smaller, quieter hills, and park on Fort Hill Street for bigger, more adventurous hills.

Rockland High School, 52 Mackinlay Way
This is a fun and easy spot to sled with the littler ones. The smaller hill in front of the stadium offers a easy ride and plenty of room for sledders to spread out. 

Coast Guard Hill, 900 Ferry St.
My personal favorite spot to sled! It has a long, unobstructed run on a big hill with views of the water!

Gaffield Park, 69-93 River St
A sledding hill with a playground covered in snow? Fun times for all!

First Parish, 24 River St.
A small hill for kids to get up and down easily with lots of open space!

Scituate Country Club, 91 Driftway
Small hills mixed with some bigger ones for kids of all ages!

Widow's Walk Golf Course, 250 Driftway
Another great golf course in Scituate with hills of all sizes for the kids!

Whitman Town Park, 141 Whitman Ave

The big hill located right in the center of the park is a great spot for children of all ages.

If you know of any other great spots that should be added to this list, please let us know so that we can add to it. And don't forget to tag @mackidsouthshorebos in all of your sledding adventures to be featured on our social media pages!