South Shore Playground Review

Beaver Brook Playground - Abington

By Laurie Corbett, Publisher Mom, South Shore Boston August 14, 2014
Beaver Brook Playground
Ralph G. Hamlin Jr Lane
Abington, MA

Last week we checked out Beaver Brook playground in Abington. It is hidden in the trees at the end of Ralph G. Hamlin Jr Lane and can definitely be missed if you don't look for it. According to the sign it was built in 1990 and for an almost 30 year old wooden playground it has held up quite well! As with any playground that is almost 30 years old it is showing its age with a few loose board and some missing swing-sets, but overall it's a great playground! 

We loved that it was a large playground set under trees. The trees provided lots of shade, and we enjoyed a picnic lunch at one of the picnic tables before we played. There was some trash near the tables, but we picked up what we could while we were there and encourage other visitors to clean up after themselves to keep the park clean for all.

After lunch my girls, 2 and 4, has a blast climbing through the "towers" and tunnels exploring the playground. They loved the "castles" as they called them and I loved that it wasn't a cookie cutter playground and it provided ample opportunities for imaginary play. We checked out the toddler swings near the entrance (my 2 year old is a big swing fan), climbed over the tires, walked along the balance beams and more! There is also a big field perfect for running, but there are no bathrooms so plan your trip accordingly. 

There was plenty of parking the day we were there, but it is very close to Beaver Brook Elementary School (although it is not the school's playground) so I don't know what the parking it like when school is in session. I will update this review once school starts with this information.

Bottom Line - An older, wooden structure playground with lots of opportunity for imaginary play if you can over look a few loose boards that hopefully will be fixed soon.