Bay State Textiles Partner With Local Schools

By Bay State Textiles July 25, 2013
Bay State Textiles has partnered with the Pembroke and Abington PTO and the Hull Booster's in the ongoing GREEN fundraiser program.  Boxes are located at each school in the school district to collect a variety of clothing, shoes and other texiles for re-use or recycling. Schools recieve money based on the amount items collected. Checks are mailed out monthly to the individual school's PTO. In a short amount of time there has been great positive feedback from the PTOs! 
The program is fairly new. Bay State Textiles partnered with the  Weymouth and Quincy Schools to launched a pilot program in Spring of 2012. Once the program was proven to be successful, it has expanded.  Bay State Textiles currently services the school districts of Weymouth, Quincy, Plymouth, Abington, Melrose, Wakefield, Beverly, Natick, West Bridgewater, Pembroke, Kingston and Hull. So clean out your closests, head over to your local school and support your local PTO! For more information on starting a program in your town contact Kathryn Larsen by phone at (617) 877-2432 or e-mail or visit