A Capsule Collection for the Boys

brought to you by stitched x lindsay & macaroni kid south shore

By Christina Skeldon September 7, 2022

No more boy mom blues! Launching Thursday, September 8th, a five piece capsule collection for the boys brought to you by stitchedxlindsay and mac kid south shore boston! 

Lindsay and I became friends the old fashioned way, instagram. My sister-in-law gifted James one of her sweatshirts for his first birthday and I was immediately obsessed. After a year of chatting, supporting one another in our side hustles and countless DMs of me harassing Lindsay over the painfully cute girl products she was releasing, the inevitable happened. Lindsay half-jokingly asked if I wanted to do a capsule collection with her FOR THE BOYS! I not-so-jokingly said YES, PLEASE! 

I selected these pieces with Lindsay based off of what I would put on my boys. Everything is super neutral and quite honestly, girls can wear the pieces too! I am so, so happy with how everything came out and especially excited for the two new fonts that Lindsay let me pick out! 

Set your alarms, because this is a limited batch collection and it will go quick! And just for my favorite mac kid readers, a special discount code just for you! Use code FORTHEBOYS for 15% off this capsule collection! 

And a huge shout out to Kelly Hurley Photography for taking these adorable photos and having the patience of a saint working with 4 boys who only wanted snacks and trucks!