Learn more about EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy's Fall Services!

By Kimberly DeLaura, MS, OTR/L August 24, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our nature-based occupational therapy group services will continue all

school year long! Our school year services begin on 9/26/22 and run until 6/26/23. This is a perfect way

to support your child in collaboration with school-related goals, as well as help develop necessary skills

to promote confidence, independence, and success all year long.

We offer a variety of packages to choose from to ensure your child is receiving the right amount of

support to ensure the most success. We also offer Custom In Home Therapy Programs to help with

carryover across all settings and to ensure parents are feeling confident in supporting their child at


When? We have two after school options. Parents may choose either Tuesday in Duxbury from 4:00pm-

5:30pm or Wednesday in Marshfield from 4:00pm-5:30pm.

Although we serve children who receive occupational therapy for a variety of reasons (diagnosis,

developmental delays, sensory integration, anxiety, ADHD, social emotional support, peer

communication, confidence, self-care skills, play skill development) - all children are welcome! Our

groups support the balance of green time with screen time and promote play in the great outdoors.

Many children do not have time in their busy schedules for free play in nature – a crucial component to

healthy development.

What will your child gain from participating in our nature based O.T. groups?

  •  Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Self-Regulation
  • Social Emotional Support
  • Peer Connection & Communication Skills
  • Attention
  • Play in the great outdoors – more time OUTSIDE all year long
  • Risk taking
  • Safety Awareness
  • Help foster independent thinking by using loose parts and natural play elements

What will the caregiver / parent gain from signing your child up for our services?

  • 30-minute intake call
  • Review of intake paperwork and previous reports
  • Collaborative goal setting to ensure we are addressing the biggest areas of concern for your


  • Individualized weekly notes with important takeaways & summaries
  • Training and guidance for caregivers to implement strategies at home and in other contexts
  • Progress notes: end of December and end of March
  • End of the school year summary on goal attainment, progress, and recommendations

How to sign up?

Register with this link:

Questions? Email or call: 732-778-1641

Visit our website: